(UK) collection paperboxx

Founded in 1990, the Northern Ireland based collection paperboxx is currently one of the world’s largest collections of pop-up books and related publications with more than six thousand titles. The profile has been constantly expanded over time, following the technical progress. Books with electronic components such as light and sound, augmented reality, 3D designs, digital solutions by means of applications have moved into the spectrum of the collection.

The collection paperboxx supports the scientific research and  encouraged in 2010  the first annotated bibliography of publications in German language titled Lebende Bilder (Living Pictures). The title was chosen as a tribute to the artist Lothar Meggendorfer, whose first famous pull-tab-book appeared under that title in 1879. In 2012,  the collection paperboxx recorded  the work of this pioneer for the first time  completely with an annotated bibliography.

In preparation is a revised bibliography – again titled Living Pictures, which will then cover all relevant publications from Apians’s Cosmographia and the Orbis Pictus of Comenius with their turning wheels to the present day with the wide range of variant styles. Listed will be all publications in German language as so in other languages made by German printers like Loewensohn for markets in Italy, France, Spain and elsewhere.